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About Us

Hello again, friends!

Why again, are we acquainted? Of course!

We communicated with you on Facebook, under the names of Sergey Sol and Sergey Demkin, maybe you bought eBay from armyshop.rus.voentorg.2, you are in groups BlackMarketRussia and Russian-Warrior.

Now we are working as a single project, RuARMED. In addition to traditional trade in army equipment, we have production, and we are steadily increasing the range.

The project is relatively new, we try to make it more interesting and convenient, now it is undergoing changes, but gradually everything will come back to normal. Hope you enjoy. If you need something that is not on the site, write the old-fashioned way, Facebook or e-mail


Well, once mentioned about the ways of communication ...

Our principal, guaranteed effective means of communication us email.

Take a look at our Facebook page if you would like to discuss our products, ask questions, or chat with the company representatives! Our community is our priority!

There's also, of course, Twitter and Instagram, for the inside of scoop on products and new developments with our company! Our YouTube channel will be a hub for the reviews and demonstrations of our products (once we start shooting videos, which we will, we promise, shhh!).

Our production offices and warehouses are located in the very heart of Russia, and our orders are sent out precisely from there!

We are doing everything possible to distribute our production as conveniently as we can for our customers. We do everything to make sure our products are convenient, and we have the representation with dealers across the globe. Please refer to the list of dealers for information on availability availability near you! It's likely that our brand has dealers in your country!

If you would like to sell our products, please contact us for wholesale partnership options! 

Stay tuned, everyone!