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Compatibility And Adaptation

Compatibility And Adaptation

2018-01-22 13:12:36   0   685

We often ask about the compatibility of stores with different manufacturers of AEGs.

We decided to write a little about compatibility and adaptation with our own hands.

Currently, MAGS RuARMED is manufactured and compatible with the manufacturer of AEG LCT. We chose this manufacturer as a high-quality, reliable and long-standing airsoft company.

We guarantee compatibility with original, non-upgraded AEGs LCT.

What can I say about compatibility with other manufacturers? Our customers checked and found out that in most cases MASG is compatible with E&L. You may need some customization for your personal AEG.

If the MAGS has a slight backlash (staggers, dangles), you can use internal or external magwells.  Sometimes it has an effect.

If MAGS is not completely inserted into AEG, you must adapt MAGS personally for you. The picture shows the places that need to be reduced. You will need a rasp or grindstone, and the skills to work with these tools. The best option is to find a friend who has a garage workshop and he works in it at least sometimes.

Remember that you can reduce it, but you can not increase it. So take your time while working, always try on how MAGS enters your AEG.

Specify which places to reduce, determine visually.

Good luck!

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