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New Brand - BARS on RuARMED!


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In our store there is a new brand - BARS.Added assortment GORKAS, khaki and camouflaged, summer and winter. Masking suits and robes, headgear...

History of occurrence GORKA suit


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Mountain Special Costume (GORKA)Who has not heard the name "Gorka"? Variants of the name: a suit special for mountain units, a mountain costume, a storm / assault suit, a tarpaulin, just a mountain or Gorka, Gorka with indexes of models No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, etc., as well as various models called gorkas or above named mountain suit, now produced by many commercial companies. All this is strong, rel..

Compatibility And Adaptation


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We often ask about the compatibility of stores with different manufacturers of AEGs.We decided to write a little about compatibility and adaptation with our own hands.Currently, MAGS RuARMED is manufactured and compatible with the manufacturer of AEG LCT. We chose this manufacturer as a high-quality, reliable and long-standing airsoft company.We guarantee compatibility with original, non-upgraded ..

We Upgraded


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Welcome to our updated store!We completely changed everything. New professional and user-friendly design. New improved display on mobile devices. New advanced search. New menu, sorting and filtering of goods. New positions and new prices!The loyalty program of the buyer was launched, integration with social networks was made. We are just a click away from you.Well, most importantly! Now we offer n..