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Every country is unique in its own way, and every nation and people has something in which to take great pride. A country as enormous as the Russian Federation, for example, has all the more to be proud of.

Russian armorers have long since been praised for their production and innovation. Their weapons, protective technologies and equipment are but a sterling example of consistent innovation and a unique application of experience to meet the mark of quality, effectiveness and practicality.

A large community of wargame enthusiasts – particularly in the airsoft community, from individuals to large teams, base their equipment and impressions on Soviet and modern Russian forces.

 Our mission with RuARMED is to bring the realism and quality of real military equipment to the wargame community, supplying players and enthusiasts with more original equipment that is produced for top-standard military conditions. We work to adapt military equipment for wargame scenarios, all while operating efficiently, safely, and legally.

 RuARMED is proud to host a diverse community of enthusiasts and experts that have dedicated many years to the sport of airsoft. They have a rich level of experience with the sport at all levels and it is through this experience that they strive to meet the standard that the average player has in mind with each piece of equipment they use. From production experts to technicians to design engineers, RuARMED has established itself as a reputed provider of airsoft equipment and only intends on growing to meet the needs of this worldwide community that can’t get enough of Russian dependability! We have quite the roadmap, and every product is made with precision and pride. Every product unique, every service is to the point and top-quality- for our players across the globe. We thank our customers for choosing the best! 

Stay tuned, have fun, play safe, expect great things!

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