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Costume "Gorka-3K"
Modification of the Storm Mountain Suit "Gorka-3", designed for the conditions of everyday field socks in the demi-season. The costume reflects the modern domestic concept of a storm suit for special units. "These costumes can be seen both on the machine gunner of the air search and assault team, the operative-authorized FSB, and the sniper of the detachment of the Naval Special Forces. Everyone likes this definitely a good thing, which has become a kind of symbol of belonging to the" workers of the war. " [Journal of Military Intelligence]
Having absorbed all the best from the suit - the prototype, this modification is characterized by some improved indicators. So the upper layers of the shoulder region and the middle part of the hood, in addition to the typical reinforcing strips, are made of raincoat mixed fabric, which increases the resistance of these areas to blotting. And the absence of the shoulder seam excludes leakage along the seam in this zone. The valves of the pockets of the sleeves and the rear slot pockets of the trousers are made in a triangular shape, which considerably reduces the bending of the extreme corners of the valve. At the request of the customer, the pads of this suit can be made of camouflage mixed fabric, for additional masking. The color of the camouflage is determined by the customer. The combination of camouflage lining with the main tent fabric of khaki color, provides the partitioning of the silhouette of a person at remote distances.
The costume of "Gorka-3K" includes:
Braces (when ordering suspenders are always placed in the pocket of a jacket or trousers).

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