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Suit KM-L
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The costume was created on the basis of the famous Soviet model of the 1986 model.

Taking all the best from the old analogue, the new suit surpasses it in quality of fabric, cut, accessories and general consumer characteristics.

The product is intended for professional military personnel, law enforcement officers and environmental organizations, hunters, fans of active paramilitary games, etc.

The jacket of a camouflage suit with a free cut and classic design is fastened in front to five large buttons covered by a single vertical windproof valve. The traditional turn-down collar in the back, on the inside, has three buttons to which the detachable hood of the suit is attached.

The hood itself is equipped with two built-in cord tighteners - on the front side and in its middle horizontal part, regulating its volume. The upper edge of the hood is tailored as an improvised "visor", and in the lower front part there is a valve fastened with two buttons. In the upper front of the jacket, on the right and on the left, there are two overhead breast pockets (160x120 mm), closed by valves with a jog on the same button. The left pocket is also equipped with a central hole at the top of its valve and an appropriate internal channel for wearing a pen or pencil. Below, to the right and to the left, with offset on the sides (for the convenience of crawling) there are two additional patch pockets (180x160 mm), each of which is closed by a valve on two buttons. Another one small patch pocket (130x70 mm), with a valve on one button, is on the outer upper part of each of the sleeves.

Each of these pockets has a small mortise wedge, hidden under one of the sides, for some increase in volume. Under the arms, under the armpits, there is a small triangular vent valve closed by a nylon net. The edges of the sleeves are stitched with a sewn rubberized braid in the wrist area, and the ulnar areas are reinforced with a double layer of tissue.

The hood and the upper part of the jacket are equipped with a system of special slings for securing additional masking elements. Two lashes are on the right and left hemispheres of the hood; two more - in the chest area (one above each pocket); five slugs - in the upper back (as if forming the letter "X") and two - in the upper outer part of the sleeves (one on the sleeve).

Trousers have a waistband, sealed with a double layer of fabric, slightly tucked up, right and left, with sewn pieces of rubber band. Each of the five beltbacks with a dial position for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours has a hidden pair of smaller size, which allows the use of wide belts up to 60 mm and narrow to 35 mm.

In addition to the waist part is built a pull-cord, allowing you to wear pants without a belt. In addition, at the top of the waist part, with a dial position for 3 and 9 hours, sewn two nylon loops for fastening suspenders. Covered by the valve, the width of the trouser leg is closed by five buttons. In the front part of the trousers, just below the waist, deep classical pocket pockets are located on both sides. Below, on both bottoms, there are large overhead hip pockets (240x210 mm), covered with valves on two buttons, with a stock by volume due to three mortise wedges on each. Two more small patch pockets (130x130 mm) with valves, with a jig, on one button, are located behind, on the right and left, below the waist, in the gluteal pants. In the lower inguinal part of the trousers there is a small triangular vent valve closed by a nylon net.

Slits of pants, sealed with a double layer of fabric and strapped with sewn rubberized braid, are additionally equipped with built-in flap aprons. The latter can be refilled in shoes, with the fixation of "strips" and additional string ties. The sciatic, knee and ankle areas of the trousers are reinforced with a double layer of tissue. The main seams of the KM-L suit are made using the technology of a seam stitch with a chain stitch. The edges of the belt counter and the corners of the pockets of the pockets are reinforced with bows of the "zigzag" type.

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