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Suit PARTIZAN-M Revesibe

Suit PARTIZAN-M Revesibe
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The costume consists of a blouse with a hood, trousers and a carrying case.

To conceal the serviceman on different types of backgrounds, deforming the pattern on the costume fabric from the front and the underside. On the front side, the fabric is painted in colors for desert - steppe (mountain) background, with purl for the yellow plant background.

Two-sided camouflage suits and overalls were used in the Second World War in the German army (camouflage cover of the modernized model of 1957). In modern conditions, double-sided camouflage capes are used by the army of Israel's defense, bilateral suits are on supply in the mountain rifle troops of France. The British army uses a two-way winter warmed kit.

Double-sided costume provides a better, in comparison with the usual costume, disguise - when moving the unit on the terrain with a complex terrain it is inappropriate to use one option of staining.

The presence of a two-way suit Waterproof means that provide weight equipment.

To ensure the safety of the first echelon, the suit is equipped with ten pockets: four pockets on the blouse and six pockets on the trousers (two rear, two side loincloths, two at the top of the thigh). The pockets of the pockets are on both sides and fastened to the button with the foot of the fastening from the braid.

Through the slit in the fabric, the button can be transferred to the wrong side. The hood of the blouse is adjusted according to the volume of the two cords that are put into the wings at the back of the hood and in the face-cut. At the waist, the blouse is fitted with a cord, put on the wings. On the wrist blouse is pulled together by an elastic band. To conceal the hands, the bottom of the sleeves is attached to the middle finger by a loop. The incision of the blouse is fastened to the buttons with the legs of the braid.

Belt trousers are regulated by the volume of ties made of rubber bands and a cord, put on the wings. Also, the belt is equipped with belt loops and loops for detachable hooks with hooks.

The bottom of the trousers is pulled together by elastic bands. For attachment to the costume of elements of local vegetation, the blouse and trousers are lined with horizontal slats. Free design of the jacket and trousers can be used clothes suit, clothing and summer clothes.

Used in sewing a mixed (67% polyester 33% cotton) linen weave fabric with a density of 160 g. / M.² and is stained with light-stable dyes not being deciphered in the infrared range.

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